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Starting Off and Stopping, Taking Off and Landing

By May 29, 2008 January 2nd, 2015 No Comments

Well, in one fell swoop, I’ve been relieved of my responsibility as Editor-in-Chief at TPR Magazine and am now relegated to simply being a Contributing Editor.

Actually, it wasn’t a “fell swoop” but more a long dull-butter-knife-through-frozen-ham five or six months.

As a Contributing Editor, I have no more (real) control of editorial direction**, no more website updates (which I had, incidentally, just started to work on – I didn’t even get a chance to throw up my new layout and framework.)

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining.

While it was a great experience, it did take up way too much time trying to run the whole thing with just one other guy. It’s not so much that the new ownersmade me go, but that with the direction they wanted to take the magazine, I didn’t want to be the “definitive” voice behind it any more.

Sure, I’m still responsible for the bulk of the editorial that is farmed out to freelancers (which is, at this point, 100% of the editorial since there aren’t any editorial staffers) but at least I get to work for other magazines now. I guess it’s time to make up with Rodrez and go shoot one of the millions of Civic hatchbacks in San Diego County.

So, for all you other guys to whom I used to say, “I’ll get back to you when I have time,” well – now I have time, so you should be hearing from me shortly.

**That’s why theres a fuzzy, out-of-focus, blurry drift shot I placed FOR PLACEMENT ONLY that ended up staying as the cover, saying nothing of the brilliant artwork done by the old cover artist guy on Issues 6 through 22 that was the mainstay of TPR’s covers.

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