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IE8 For Legitimate DVD Rippers

By January 9, 2009 September 1st, 2014 No Comments

bsodI freely admit that I use the completely awesome combination of DVD Decrypter/ImageBurn and DVD Shrink to make copies of films that I own (back off, copyright Nazis) so that my kids don’t scratch them. But I recently encountered a weird problem – “reauthoring” the DVD (removing everything – or nothing – from the DVD except for the film itself) would cause DVD Shrink to instantly crash.

So, since I’m in the middle of all sorts of happenings, I never bothered to look up the problem. Imagine my surprise when I finally decided to do it today and Google immediately suggested (with 4,000 results) that my problem lies in the fact that I also recently downloaded Internet Explorer 8 Beta for testing purposes.

Since Microsoft is trying to get fancy with their browser engines, they basically update a core file (known as mshtml.dll) that DVD Shrink also uses – and doesn’t like. So, if you’re having the same problem and you would rather find out your tech info from my blog instead of simply Googling, “My DVD Shrink program isn’t working, dammit!” – then all you have to do is simply uninstall the IE8 Beta and you’ll be back on track.

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