I Had To Look Up What Tesselate Meant

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tokyo-police-clubIn case you, like me, couldn’t suffer the bohemiam-hipsterfest that is Coachella to see Tokyo Police Club rocking out on a main stage (I think), you have about 40 days and nights to wait until their new album, Champ, hits Amazon’s meatspace delivery warehouses.

For the more impatient of you, be sure to Google “new tokyo police club songs” and watch the various acoustic performances around the web. Or check out what’s streaming on the various Tokyo Police Club interwebs tube properties on their Twister account, their official Word!Fresh! blogs, or the TPC splash page and the Actual Site Itself.

And if you get really desperate for some “studio quality” cuts before June 8th (or whenever the final album is leaked onto the interwebs)…


(Click it, it’s a link!)

And by the way, if any of you out there have an inside track to reaching TPC, let them know I’ll re-do their website in one nice and good package for free.

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