Christmas Charity for your (Snoop) Doggie Dogg

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chipI love my dogs – all three of them. So, I’m offering a helping hand for everyone’s friend, Dean Case, who loves his animals as well.

Dear friends and business associates,

As many of you know, animals are my “cause.” Over the past two years I have been fortunate enough to be able to blend my professional activities with my personal interests. In late 2007 I linked an existing partnership between The Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) and MUTTS artist Patrick McDonnell with several Mazda race teams/drivers. The result was “Earl and Mooch” promoting shelter animal adoptions on the sides of Mazda race cars! Several dozen people donated their time and creative effort to the project.

The results to date have been fantastic. We have helped to adopt a large number of shelter animal, and there are at least a half dozen kittens named “Zoom-Zoom” across the country now. We have also been featured in local newspapers and TV in conjunction with races in Monterey, California, Millville, New Jersey, and Portland, Oregon. We have also raised money for the HSUS and several local shelters. If you Google “HSUS MUTTS & MAZDA” you can find coverage of the program. Or e-mail and I’ll send you a clip.

There have been some unexpected surprises as well. Our program motivated Patti Wilhelm to donate her beloved 1984 RX-7 to the cause (details on her story if you follow the link). Now, thanks to the wonderful people at AutoWeek, that car is being auctioned THIS WEEK on their site (thus avoiding admin fees that all other sites charge reducing the true charity donation). I would like to generate as many visits to the AutoWeek site as possible. Please take a few minutes to visit the site below, and please forward this note to those who are supporters of animal welfare, Mazda, or motorsports.

Thank you,

Dean Case

And in case you missed the link, just do a good thing and click on the linky below.


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