Bye-bye Provia, Hello SanDisk!

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d70It’s 2005 and I’m moving on up to the “I-have-more-mega-pixels-than-you” digital camera age; I got a new camera, thanks to an unknown (to you) benefactor. All you camera nerds out there may think, “Well, my balls are bigger because I bought a D2XS” and to that I say, “If your photo skills are determined by the size of your visual element or the number of years you’ve been using Photochop, more power to you.” A “working” photographer would know how to best appreciate and exploit this barely-over-$1000 gem; this guy would agree. Bye-bye Provia, hello SanDisk! Maybe I can shoot more skateboarding pics now that I’m not hampered by $8/roll slide film!

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